Strengths of HAGIHARA

Excellent techniques will create New Hagihara


We strive to create machinery and equipment with a basic mentality in mind that are easy to handle and yet to bring high cost performance.
With our technological expertise that has been long developed and cultivated over the years, we introduced Slitter & Rewinder to converting industry.
In this way, we have been responding to many kinds of requests from our customers.
The origin of our energetic power comes from customer’s needs and support.
We are determined to provide uniquely engineered machinery and equipment with our distinguished expertise to ensure customer satisfactions.


  • Converting industry

    Duplex center drive slitter, Inspection Rewinder, Full-automatic surface drive slitter,
    Midium-sized rewinder, Sectional drive slitter, Narrow width slitter

  • Highly-functional film industry

    Indivudual arm slitter, Low-tension siltter, Slitter with laminating unit, Slitter with cleaner unit

  • Synthetic fiber industry

    Automatic Yarn Changeover Winder

  • Fiber and yarn industry

    Various winders

  • Plastic industry

    Plastic recycling machine, Watering pelletizer

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